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Our business and commercial attorneys handle issues ranging from entity formation through entity wind down and whatever might arise in between. We offer counsel for Corporate and Partnership formation and re-organization, Commercial Property interests, general contracts and transactions including contract disputes, entrepreneurial law, as well as covering general counsel roles for many businesses around East Tennessee. The attorneys at Baker, O’Kane & Thompson have represented a multitude of company including tech start-ups, toy manufacturers, health care providers, engineering firms, non-profits, and media groups.

We at Baker, O’Kane & Thompson genuinely care for your business and will do everything within our power to help you meet your goals and expectations. The close bond we share with our clients fosters a unique relationship and ensures that we take every step in order to help make your dreams for your business a reality. Our reputation for representing businesses has earned us the trust of many of our clients. Let us earn yours too.

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E. Herman-Thomspon

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